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Clients can treat themselves to a wet cut and blow-dry complemented with half-head highlights or full head of colour.

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Patrons can share a choice of up to 12 tapas; options include chorizo and halloumi, glazed mojo chicken wings and spicy prawns. Up to four diners can indulge in four tapas dishes such as a trio of Serrano ham and sizzling prawns with a cocktail each. Patrons can tuck into this traditional British meal featuring a fried cod with chips, mushy peas and a tartare sauce.

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Customers can treat their taste buds to a two- or three-course Italian meal with items like pasta Bolognese, pizza cotto or pollo funghi. Up to three patrons can savour an Italian-style pizza featuring slow-rising dough and choice of toppings, served with a side each. Two or four people can tuck into a two-course lunch in this restaurant, which boasts a view of the Essex countryside from its rooftop perch. Customers can skip the hassle of airport parking thanks to a dedicated service at one of 42 locations. Customers can skip the hassle of airport parking thanks to a dedicated service at one of 28 locations, including Birmingham and Glasgow.

Patrons can start their day with taste as they savour bacon and egg pancake stack or frittata served with a hot drink and an optional juice. Budding and professional photographers can meet up and showcase their work thanks to a one-year membership at Southend Photographic Society. Diners can feast on a variety of New York Italian favourites, including burgers, pizzas, grills and hot dogs; opt to share a bottle of wine. Enjoy a spread of sweet and savoury treats at this cafe, based at a Buddhist temple.

The pork was gummy. Served very rare, I expected a tender bite. Instead, it was like chewing a tangle of rubber bands.

The Black Cat Bistro

Dev reported that miss to the chef and we were graciously presented with an alternate meat course, beef sirloin served with thyme and walnut. Despite being served "black and blue," too rare for my personal liking, the flavor of the beef was sublime. Towards the meal's end, a server delivered black-tea granite with honey and Ossau-Iraty sheep's milk cheese. To me, a frozen base for cheese is odd.

The beauty of cheese is uncovered in its mouth-feel, when the fat coats your tongue. Served cold, it was barely distinguishable from pre-cubed colby. A course of slivered pears with foraged plums and citrus was pleasant. Refreshing house greens simply dressed and served with a shot glass of tisane; hot water with mint, apple and spices rounded out the pre-dessert meal. As a former pastry chef, I'm particular with my desserts and a stickler for presentation. At Black Cat, I was bored by the dessert course. A rectangular platter with a sampling of sweets seemed uninspired in both conception and plating.

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A square sliver of sheet cake studded with dollops of chocolate mousse seemed a lackluster end to a significant meal. I chose to finish with a final spoonful of Madeira infused poached pear zabaglioni. Expertly executed it lingered on my lips sealing the 4- hour gastronomy-fest with a sweet finish. The meal may not have been "all" right, but it was right in most of the ways that count. Creative cuisine, served by skilled staff, in a welcoming atmosphere has me looking forward to another meal at Black Cat Bistro.

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After many of Colorado's Pac losses over the years, there was a helpless feeling coming from the Buffaloes. Hot Topics: Deboned chicken typically has percent protein and percent fat. However, if the moisture were removed from the deboned chicken, this ingredient would probably be located lower on the list.

Chicken meal is a dehydrated form of chicken that has had most of the moisture removed. The protein and other nutrients will be more concentrated in chicken meal. Most people believe that chicken meal is a good pet food ingredient. Taken together, the deboned chicken and chicken meal certainly seem to make up a great deal of this food.

The third ingredient is dehydrated potatoes. Potatoes, of course, are not a grain which can make them easier for a cat to digest in this form.

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Potatoes are about 92 percent carbs, 7 percent protein, and 1 percent fat. And they are a dietary fiber.

Potatoes can help slow the digestion of sugar into the blood stream and keep blood sugar levels steady. So, you may not be excited about giving your cat carbs, but there can be some benefits. The fourth ingredient in the food is turkey meal. Turkey is relatively low in fat and high in protein. Turkey breast meat has as much as 70 percent protein, 14 percent carbs, and 16 percent fat, though the figures for the whole turkey will be slightly different.

Turkey is a a good source of Riboflavin and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Selenium. Since this is turkey meal, most of the moisture has been removed and the protein and other nutrients are more concentrated. This is a good ingredient for pet foods. The fifth ingredient is chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols. Chicken fat is a good named fat that is beneficial for cats. Other ingredients of interest in the food include dried egg product. Egg product is sometimes added to pet foods to boost the protein percentage.

It is used in many pet foods. The food also contains a number of fermentation products, most of which are familiar and used in many pet foods today. In general, fermentation products act as pre- and probiotics to help beneficial bacteria grow in the intestines and help pets digest food better. The food also uses amino acid complexes to bind minerals and make them more bioavailable.

For example, you can see the description of the manganese amino acid complex here. Most pet foods use chelated or proteinated minerals today. This is just another form of mineral supplementation. The food does contain salt, which is a questionable additive. And it contains added natural chicken and pork flavor, but as added flavors go, these are not usually too bad. Your cat will probably like the flavor they add.

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